Booking Methods

We will inform those of you who are going on vacation to use our tour agent to make an easy way to order a private tour package Nusa Penida . So that you are not confused about using our services.
What is the process of booking a Nusa Penida tour package?
1) Choose the Nusa Penida tour package that will be used for your tour trip. We provide many tour packages that can be used as you wish. If you are confused, you can consult us, and we will recommend the right tour package based on your budget and travel time.
2) If you have found the right tour package, please fill in the booking format starting from the name, tour time, package used, number of participants. Also a pick-up place in Nusa Penida. This makes it easier for us to provide services to you. Because each tour package offers different services.
3) After all the formats have been sent, then wait for confirmation from us regarding the booking time and we will also make an invoice. This invoice contains the amount of fees that must be paid based on the selected tour package. The invoice will be sent via email, or whatsapp according to the agreement.
4) If the invoice has been sent, you can make a payment with the nominal stated or with a down payment minimum 30%. Payment is made via transfer. If it has been paid, send proof of payment via wa to make it easier for us to check.
5) Everything has been confirmed means you only need to wait for the departure time. You need to know that payment can be made during the Nusa Penida tour.
That’s an easy way to book a Nusa Penida tour package from us. If you already know how to book, don’t delay, immediately contact our number now!