3D2N Tour Package + Nusa Penida Snorkeling + Half Day Lembongan

Holidays and snorkeling in Nusa Penida 2 days 2 nights plus half day in Lembongan can use this package:

Day 1 Nusa Penida

  • angels billabong
  • broken beach / pasih uug
  • pinky beach
  • hammer cliff


  • snorkeling to 3 spots
    (Crystal Bay, Gamat Bay, Wall / GT)


  • teletabis hill
  • king of five (thousand island)
  • mollenteng tree house
  • diamond beach
  • atuh beach

Day 3 Half Day Lembongan

  • Lembongan yellow bridge
  • dream beach
  • devil tear
  • mahagiri beach
  • mangrove tour by boat

mangrove tour by boat nusa penida

3 Days 2 Nights Nusa Penida + Half Day Lembongan Package Itinerary

Day 1

07:30Pick up fastboat tickets at the boat stand at the Sanur port
8:15 amDepart to Nusa Penida
09.00Arrived at Nusa Penida
10:00arrived at angel bilabong and broken beach
12.00Lunch at restaurant and relax
12:45arrived at Kelingking beach and paluang cliff
14.15arrived at Toyapakeh port to go snorkeling by boat to 3 spots
17:00Towards the hotel for rest and relax.
19.00 Delivered for dinner to finish

Day 2

07:30breakfast at the hotel
8:30 amReady to go to explore East Nusa Penida
09.30arrived at teletabis hill
11.00arrived at the king of five and the tree house Molenteng
12.00Lunch at restaurant and relax
13.30arrive at Diamond beach (traking 10 minutes to the beach)
15.00Arrive at Atuh Beach (10 minutes traking to the beach)
17.00Back to hotel and take a rest
19.00Delivered for dinner to finish

Day 3

07:30breakfast at the hotel
8:00 amready to go to explore Nusa Lembongan
08.30at Toyapakeh port to go to Lembongan by boat
08.45arrived at the port of the yellow bridge Lembongan
09.30arrived at dream beach and devils tear
10.45arrived at mahagiri beach and mangrove tour by traditional boat
12.00Lunch at restaurant
13:00Departing from Lembongan port by fastboat to Sanur port
13.45arrived at the port of sanur Bali. And done.


  • Fastboat tickets Sanur – Nusa Penida – Lembongan – Sanur
  • entrance ticket to tourist attraction
  • transport nusa penida mbl ac and lembongan as well as drivers and guides.
  • 3x lunch at the restaurant (Alacarte).
  • private boat and complete snorkeling tools
  • photo documentation under water
  • 2 nights hotel in Nusa Penida (ac, tv, wifi, hot water, breakfast)


  • dinner (dinner)

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