2 days 1 night tour package to Nusa Penida

There is a choice of the most complete Nusa Penida private tour package with ac car plus an experienced driver and tour guide.

Tourist Spots to Visit:


  • Broken beach
  • Billabong angels
  • Kelingking beach
  • Hammerang cliff
  • Crystal bay beach (sunset)


  • teletubies hill
  • king of five (thousand island)
  • mollenteng tree house
  • Diamond beach
  • Atuh beach

teletubies hill nusa penida

2 Days 1 Night Package Itinerary:

Day 1 (first):

07:30fastboat ticket taking at the boat stand at the port of sanur
8:15 amDepart to Nusa Penida
09.00Until Nusa Penida.
10:00arrived at angel bilabong and broken beach
12:00Lunch at restaurant and relax
13.00arrived at Kelingking beach and paluang cliff
15.00arrived at Crystal bay beach while waiting for the sunset
18.00Towards the hotel for rest and relax.
19.00Delivered for dinner until finished

Day 2 (second):

07:30Breakfast at the Hotel
8:00 amReady to explore East Nusa Penida
09.00arrived at teletabis hill
10:30Arrived at Raja lima and Mollenteng Tree House
12:00Lunch and relax
13.00Arriving at diamond beach (traking 10 minutes to the beach)
14:30Arrive at Atuh beach (10 minutes traking to the beach)
15:30Return to the port
16.30Arrived at the port for Sanur Bali
17:00Departing from the port of Nusa Penida to the port of Sanur Bali.
17.45Arrived at the port of Sanur Bali and finished



  • fast boat ticket sanur – nusa penida (PP) return
  • Hotel (ac, tv, wifi, breakfast, warm water)
  • entrance ticket to tourist attraction
  • AC car transport and driver as well as a tour guide
  • lunch at restaurant (alacarte)


  • Dinner (Dinner)
Package Price 2 Days 1 Night:
PersonPrice / Person
Total price
1IDR 1,800,000IDR 1,800,000
2IDR 1,100,000IDR 2,200,000
3IDR. 985,000IDR 2,955,000
4IDR. 800,000IDR 3,200,000
5IDR 790,000IDR 3,950,000
6IDR 730,000IDR 4,380,000

 Special price of domestic, non-domestic if charged an additional fee of IDR.100.000 / Person
* If needed shuttle service from Airport / Hotel (Kuta area) to the port of Sanur beach in wearing extra cost IDR.400.000 return (PP)
* To reservations can be from now or at the latest 5 days in advance for the Half Day package, if the package stays at the latest 7 days before
* Private tour by car (ac) does not join with other participants

How to order:

Determine the package chosen and if there is a reply available from us, an order is made by sending a deposit of 30% of the package price to our account number and the remaining payment in Nusa Penida by cash / transfer. After we receive proof of deposit transfer, we will send an invoice.

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